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Yutaka a Roma?

I was randomly reading Yutaka's twitter, and he tweeted that he had just arrived in...Rome. ROME? EEEH?? xD what the heck is he doing in Rome?
I guess he came here because of the movie...

Ok, why don't i live in Rome? xD
Oh well ** maybe if i'm really really lucky he will also visit Venice, (but i don't think so xD)
I will just try to make myself useful on twitter~

EDIT: LOL, he answered me!! In italian!! xDDD "mi scusi" means "i'm sorry", so cute! I guess he apologised for not being able to order the right pasta? xD Or just wanted to try a phrase in Italian with an Italian?
Then i guess he also read my other tweets, or else why should he had to answer in italian? (omg they were full of mistakes in japanese xD)

I think i love him <3 i was quite depressed these days because of the sudden illness of my cat, but now i'm back being all 元気元気 thanks to him!

Prima di dimenticarmi di tutte le incredibili cose che mi sono successe in questi giorni scrivo un altro dei miei inutili e iper dettagliati report *_*
Premessa: ho scritto tutta sta roba a uso personale, visto che soffro di alzheimer precoce ho cercato di ricordarmi ogni singolo dettaglio, anche i più inutili, visto che so che tra qualche giorno me li scorderò. Leggete a vostro rischio e pericolo.
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30 giugno: partenzaCollapse )

1 Luglio: signing con i Golden Bomber e concerto degli X JapanCollapse )2 luglio: golden bomber concerto + signingCollapse )

3 Luglio: SightseeingCollapse )

4 luglio: sightseeing + sopresa finaleCollapse )

bottinoCollapse )

Versailles live @ Cavacon

Italian report under the cut~Collapse )Ascendead Master
Judicial Noir
Aristocrat's Symphony
Desert Apple
Destiny - The Lovers-
Glowing Butterfly
The Red Carpet Day
The Revenart Choir Italian report under the cut~Collapse )
I uploaded this rare dvd, i hope that someone will like it~ (please tell me if something's wrong with the files!)
Do whatever you want, but please credit me! 

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Back from Lucca Comics!

Hello everybody <3

I'm back from Lucca Comics! I've been there 4 days, and it has been a really wonderful time~

I finally wore my Jui cosplay for the first time, and i have to say that i'm pretty satisfied with it! I'm sad that i couldn't see gackt_no_tenshi 's Kisaki cosplay though ç_ç

I also spent my time with a lot of friends who i don't see very often, and everyone was so nice ;__; i gathered a lot of good memories! I can't epress properly with words, let's just say that it was a quite epic Lucca Comics <3 I can't wait for the next one!
Even if the weather was quite horrible 8D and i couldn't sit down on the train on the way back home. Oh well...

Time for some pics *-*

Carmen (it"s the name of the Italian version, she"s Ruby everywhere else xD) of Final Fantasy IXCollapse )
Jui - 新聞マスコミ関係者の方へ。。。Collapse )
Thanks to kanahyde  and leerendix (and a random photographer) for the pics! <3

Aaaaand there's more! *jumps*
I sent a few photos of my cosplay to Jui via Ameba, and 12 minutes after that he left me a peta ;__; i think that i love him~

Today i died twice.



existential delirium: i has it <3

歓楽を描く夢、おえ なく陥落


I did it! (for now)

28/30 *____* i'm pretty satisfied!
I was lucky, i was the very first of the list, so I didn't have to wait and everything went smoothly, i didn't have any time to worry xD
In the roleplay during the conversation part i also invited my teacher to the Osaka restaurant in Milan, lol. And she said that she already knew it and that the ramen was "おいしい". XDD
I'm quite amazed because i could understand almost everything that Yasuda sensei told me, even if she spoke really fast! Maybe my drama training did work after all? x°D

After my exam i rushed on the train and went home. While i was on the road i could finally watch Climax Together again XQ___ <-without any doubt the best moment of the day

Now i'm peaceful and in total relax until the 20th *-*

But i still have to see if i really passed the exam, because if i failed the translation part i'll have to retake everything again T_T but who knows when they will post the results! But i don't want to be worried, so let's forget about it for now~

試験 ;_;

Tomorrow i have my Japanese exam x_x

The first part is grammar, kanji and translation. I'm not too worried about that, i never worry for written exams xD
But the day after that there will be the oral exam, 15 minutes of talking with one of our Japanese teacher.
I hate oral exams T_T
Yes, actually our oral shouldn't be that tough, because we know what sort of questions they will ask, and we can prepare our answers, but i feel quite anxious... as much as i can be anxious.

I hope that everything will be all right, because retaking the exam in January is not in my intentions.


Then, after the exam, i will return home and the 12th i will go to the airport to pick schwarz_kun up. I miss him ;_; he's been away for soo long. I know that he couldn't care less about me now that he's in Tokyo, but... y_y

Oh, and i finally found a home in Venice! I share it with a nice girl who follows my courses, and with two other girls (who aren't here yet). The house is small but very nice~ and it's really close to the university! I'm quite happy with it *-*


Aug. 21st, 2010

Stolen fromninjakitters !

Write the top 10 artists from your page. Then write the first song you heard, what song made you love them, and current favorite song.
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